Any registered person of, hereinafter called “MEMBER”, is covered by these Terms & Conditions regarding any interactions with StageLight Communications, LLC. hereinafter called “STAGELIGHT”.

    1. MEMBER agrees to abide by these terms and conditions when utilizing their membership to any club/group/member organization operated by STAGELIGHT.
    2. MEMBER agrees to follow the expectations listed below when attending any event, attraction, performance or location, hereinafter called “ENGAGEMENT” to which they gained entry via their membership with STAGELIGHT.
    1. MEMBER agrees to follow this Code of Conduct as laid out by STAGELIGHT. Any concerns, disagreements and or questions should be communicated to STAGELIGHT before MEMBER attends any engagement they gained entry to via STAGELIGHT. Any violations of the Code of Conduct can lead to the termination of the MEMBER membership without refund of any monies paid.
    2. MEMBER agrees to arrive to any event/performance/location they have reserved tickets for promptly and within any time frame set on the ENGAGEMENT page. There will be no credit or refund for lateness.
    3. MEMBER agrees to dress appropriately in casual business attire or in attire that matches the majority of the attendees of the show.
    4. MEMBER agrees not to engage in any behavior that is not expected of the normal theatre going public.
    5. MEMBER is to obey and follow any direction or requests from staff of, or related to, the ENGAGEMENT.
    6. MEMBER agrees to never discuss STAGELIGHT once they arrive at the venue including, but not limited to, the venue box office, at their seats, or to others attendees of the ENGAGEMENT.
    7. Should a MEMBER not attend the ENGAGEMENT to which they have reserved access to through STAGELIGHT they will not receive any credit or refund and their account will be canceled at the discretion of STAGELIGHT.
    1. MEMBER agrees to any limitations, restrictions or expectations to tickets or vouchers. Those limitations or restrictions are to be laid out in the description of the tickets or vouchers offered. Should any specific limitations or restrictions not be laid out in the description only the expectations laid out below apply.
    2. MEMBER is to pick up tickets personally unless otherwise directed by STAGELIGHT.
    3. Memberships to STAGELIGHT are not transferrable. Tickets can only be reserved through STAGELIGHT by the MEMBER and for the MEMBER and guests of the MEMBER.
    4. The number of guests a MEMBER can reserve tickets for will be noted on the page and/or limited by STAGELIGHT.
    5. The seat or location in the venue for which the ticket STAGELIGHT provides is completely at the determination of the Box Office. STAGELIGHT does not guarantee, unless otherwise noted, the type of seat or the location that the ticket is valid for.
    6. Tickets that MEMBER reserves or receives through STAGELIGHT are prohibited from being resold. MEMBER acknowledges that this will result in immediate cancellation of their membership without refund of any fees or monies paid.
    1. MEMBER agrees to pay any membership fee required based on membership level and and length.
    2. MEMBER agrees to pay any fees related to the purchase/reservation of any product/service/ticket offered through or by STAGELIGHT.
    3. STAGELIGHT reserves the right to change or adjust any fee or cost at any time with 15 days notice to the members via the website.