[bra_icon_boxes_container][bra_icon_box icon=”” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Featured”]Forbidden Broadway: Alive & Kicking, Time Magazine’s top musical pick, is the latest in Gerard Alessandrini’s line of the hilarious Off-Broadway roast of Broadway![/bra_icon_box][bra_icon_box icon=”” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Featured”]The most outrageous musical on Broadway, The Book of Mormon is a must see! [/bra_icon_box][bra_icon_box icon=”” target=”_self” caption=”Featured”]Chicago has been playing since 1996 and shows no signs of slowing down. This amazing display of Fosse is a deliciously salacious look at American Celebrity. The fact that it was written in the 1920s makes its relevance all the more incredible![/bra_icon_box][bra_icon_box icon=”” url=”” target=”_self” caption=”Featured”]The Off-Broadway hit of the life and career of the original blue-eyed soul singer Dusty Springfield [/bra_icon_box][/bra_icon_boxes_container]

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