“Rebecca” hopes to burn the house down in 2013

After a very visible incident involving its producer, Ben Sprecher, and a now notorious middleman by the name of Mark C Hotton, most had thought “Rebecca” would never make it to a Broadway theatre.  After all Mr. Sprecher needed to raise another 4.5 million dollars. Not something easy to do under any circumstances let alone right after suffering a huge fraud.

Here, from an article in the New York Times (read it), is news that Mr. Sprecher has apparently been able to renegotiate an extension that will give him the right to bring the show to Broadway so long as he does it by the end of 2013.  According to theTimes, Mr. Sprecher is also attempting to renegotiate with his current investors while trying to raise that additional 4.5 million.

Rebecca” is a beautiful show and this publication for one can’t wait to see that house burn down if they get it to the stage.



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