Making Faces

[tps_header]by Michael LaMasa

One of the most impressive illusions of the stage is making an actor completely unrecognizable with the use of fascinating make up techniques. Here on the Broadway stage, we have taken some of our best and brightest and, through some clever handy work of some of the most talented artists in the world, made them out to look grotesque, green, deformed, hairy, animalistic, or even more beautiful than when they started! Here are our top ten make up jobs of the Broadway stage.


[tps_title]Phantom of the Opera[/tps_title]


The Phantom’s iconic mask in The Phantom of the Opera actually hides a horribly disfigured face made possible by some pretty impressive make up. The actor spends an hour and a half in the make up chair applying a full bald cap and massive prosthetics and make up to half of his face.




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