There is little ambiguity surrounding the name of this rollicking and fun-filled evening of laughter and theater, Drunk Shakespeare. Just as the name implies, Drunk Shakespeare puts a whole new spin on a traditional Shakespearean play, by throwing alcohol into the mix.

At each performance, one of the actors is selected to perform drunk. Downing shots of whiskey early on in the evening, the actor is then expected to perform some of the most beautiful and (at times) difficult text in all of English literature – Shakespeare. The results are not only fun to watch, but absolutely hilarious as well.

From the moment you enter the theater, you are transported into a completely new world – one where nothing is too ridiculous and seemingly anything is possible. Quite akin to the successful Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), this production immediately embraces the irreverent, with jokes that range from bawdy to over-the-top to downright hilarious.

The cast performs seven times a week at the Roy Arias Studios on 43rd street. And with two “late night” performances each week, audiences can enjoy a drunken evening of the Bard in lieu of a traditional night out on the town.

Each performance is completely different than the last, with a rotating cast, and a rotating drunk actor. Naturally, this means that you can see Drunk Shakespeare again and again for fresh laughs and a completely new take.

And for diehard Shakespeare fans seeking an even more immersive experience, each show begins with a bidding process to earn the chance to play the King and Queen for the evening. This status affords you the ability to stop the show with the ringing of a bell, and the chance to instruct the drunk actor to take another shot.

But whether you are a member of the Drunk Shakespeare royalty or not, you will undoubtedly find yourself laughing quite hard throughout the show. And with a casual (and sometimes raucous) atmosphere that encourages eating and drinking among the audience members as well, Drunk Shakespeare will likely be the best night out you’ve had in a long time.

So whether you are a Shakespeare fanatic or someone who has never quite embraced the Bard fully, visit for tickets, and see what Shakespeare looks like in a whole new, knee-slapping light. You’ll be glad you did!